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Microlight Sensors Pte LtdMicrolight Sensors Pte Ltd

Microlight Sensors Pte Ltd

High-end optical systems for specialized applications

Microlight Sensors Pte Ltd is a company in the high-end optical sensor industry. It designs, develops and assembles fully integrated high-end optical sensor and scanning systems for specialized applications in the homeland security and commercial vision systems markets. There are very few companies only with such high-end expertise and capabilities in Asia, a region of the world with large and increasing demand for optical sensor systems. While nanotechnology is currently in the components used by Microlight such as the microchips, it is part of the company’s R&D efforts to develop new and proprietary sensor technologies using nanomaterials. Since its establishment in 2006, Microlight Sensors has uniquely positioned itself in market and value chain. Customers include civil authorities, government agencies and industrial users across the Asia Pacific region.

Core capabilities of Microlight Sensors are in particular: Optical engineering, sensor development, system design, multidisciplinary design and integration and product engineering/packaging. Based on these core capabilities, the company offers a wide range of products, such as systems for coastal and border security, port & airport operations, protective security for civil and industrial sites or public area safety.

Nanostart Asia invested in Microlight initially in November 2010, and then increased its stake in August 2011 by another investment tranche. The investment was made via Nanostart Singapore Early-Stage Venture Fund I which currently holds 32% of Microlight's equity.


Microlight’s existing optical sensor systems allow detection within the nanometer-wavelength range. Their products provide customers with better focus and imaging capabilities by enabling the capture of clear images at a longer distance, lower light intensity, with better clarity and higher degrees of movement. For scanning systems, Microlight’s products are optimized to work in the micro-lux range and for a wide light spectrum (including near infrared). The company is currently in the international expansion phase.


With its unique know how, Microlight is serving the Asia-Pacific security and surveillance market. In 2007, the Asia Pacific Homeland Security market was estimated at 20 Billion USD, representing 21% of the worldwide homeland security market. It is projected to grow to 40 Billion USD by 2014. Although current defense and homeland security markets are served by a handful of international companies from North America, Europe or Israel, those companies only have limited capabilities and reach to provide their services to this region. Eventually, many of Microlight’s optical sensor technologies will transition to the commercial and industrial application markets, representing further growth potential for the company.

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