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We invest in young and ambitious technology companies in AsiaWe invest in young and ambitious technology companies in AsiaOur holdings are approaching market launch...Our holdings are approaching market launch......with cutting-edge products or processes....with cutting-edge products or processes.Our holdings benefit from our worldwide network...Our holdings benefit from our worldwide network......and our extensive commercialisation expertise....and our extensive commercialisation expertise.

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New Asia Investments:
Shaping future economies

New Asia Investments Pte Ltd is an experienced technology investor in Asia with a focus on med tech, clean tech (water and energy) and industrial innovations.

With economies in many Asian countries developing and maturing over the past decades, R&D and high tech innovation have become increasingly important to sustain and drive future economic growth. New Asia Investment’s focus sectors play a particularly important role within this trend, driven by other factors such as population growth, urbanization or ageing societies.

As a Venture Capital investor, New Asia Investments has a very hands-on investment management approach and actively works with entrepreneurial and technical management teams in order to build a sustainable and successful business around an invention.

New Asia Investments is based in Singapore, where it manages a separate Singapore-focused fund. It invests either direct or through this fund. New Asia Investments intends to expand its business into other countries in Asia in the near term future.

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Media coverage

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Mint-PI BioMers strikes strategic partnership with Vitaldent Five-year agreement with European dental giant. BioMers Pte Ltd, a Singapore medical device company, has signed a five-year partnership agreement with Vitaldent, Europe’s largest dental chain and one of the leading chains of clinics globally, and set up its European headquarters in Madrid, Spain.
Source: Singapore Business Review

biomers pi 2NTU start-up runs Vietnam water treatment unit remotely

De.Mem Pte Ltd's plant, the first of its kind in South-east Asia, occupies 120 square metres near Ho Chi Minh City, but churns out a million litres of drinking water a day.
PDF Download (43 kB) >>

Source : The Business Times, May 14 2013

biomers pi 2NTU start-up launches first overseas water treatment plant in Vietnam

The plant, a joint venture between De.Mem and Vietnam company GD Wasser, is backed by Singapore-based investment firm, New Asia Investments >>

Source : http://www.channelnewsasia.com

biomers pi 2NTU builds its first overseas water treatment plant

A water treatment plant that requires just one person to operate it will supply cleaner and cheaper potable water in Vietnam at only two-thirds of current prices there.
PDF Download (539 kB) >>

Source : Today, May 13 2013

biomers pi 2SimpliClear previewed on CBS Houston affiliate by orthodontists Dr. Heather Brown
You can watch the video here >>
Source: www.biomersbraces.com

Mint-PI'A better way to treat water', the Singapore newspaper Today reports about the Memshield technology of New Asia Investments-holding MINT.
PDF Download (225 kB) >>
Source: Today, June 21, 2012

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